Aetheterra Edit

Aetheterra is a mystical world inhabited by humans much like those of our world. However, beyond humans and animals, gods also live in this world. The pantheon of this world, which lives within the Valley of Gods, has shaped its history for ages, through invoking war, summoning monsters, creating religions, founding technology, etc.

As far as the story is concerned, the world is largely consistent of three continents with approximately 14x the land surface area of the earth (7.15 billion square kilometers), and 6x the population (42 billion people). However, this vastness does not mean that the world is largely rural and empty; everything from large cities, to infinitely open planes and seemingly endless farms exist. Thanks to this vastness, information is hard to spread from one end of the world to the other, thus resulting in nations with very different cultures, technological capabilities, belief systems, and languages.

Much like earth, Aetheterra has all types of weathers, from extreme coldness to extreme heat. Beyond that, other extremes, such as extreme altitudes, or endless open land, can be found throughout. Historically, this world has been ruled by many nations with many different forms of powers. The nations of the past's artifacts and history decorate many of the lands, as in a world as old as this, where technology spreads slow and nations come and go, humanity has not been able to advance, and culture and history became the strongpoints of many nations, rather than technology. However, this is not to say that technology is unimportant, for there are nations and cities, such as Crait, that have been able to reach technological extremes not even imaginable by other countries. Sadly, such nations that hold their technological enlightenment so dearly tend to want to keep this advantage they have over other nations for themselves, and consequently do not share their technology.

Historically, non-allied nations could not get too friendly with each other without having large public outcry. This outcry often caused those with large amounts of powers and ill intentions, such as magic users and the Talented, to wage war against each other; the people were often willing to stay independent of their nation's wills and wage their own wars. These wars were often even sponsored by nobility that are not representative of the actual ruling body of the city-states, but rather representative of the ancestors of the people of said city-state. Of course, this never ended well for either nation, as large damage in the country's infrastructure was often created. Consequently, nations learned best to take things slow and not form alliances too quickly.