Gods are the managers and creators of this world. Living throughout the Valley of Gods, the gods of this world often do connect and associate directly with humans nearby. However, largely due to them rarely ever leaving the Valley, the true gods of this world are not known everywhere, and false religions with other belief systems can be found in the lands further away. Gods exist in two types, primordial and managerial. Primordial gods are the creators of this world and its elements, and have always existed, while managerial gods were regular human beings that were given their power, immortality, duty, and jobs. Legend has it that, as the primordials were done creating the human world, Aetheterra, they returned to their platform, the Sai' Heights, from which they would evaluate their creation and improve it when it reaches its certain eventual demise.

Ever since the start of humanity, managerial gods took care of Aetheterra, by limiting human's Potential, ending wars, creating cultures, etc. However, while gods usually have good intentions--or at least what might seem to be good intentions in their own minds--the Lost Period that gods are bound to eventually go through can cause large scale harm to the world that often lasts for centuries, or even longer.

There are hundreds of managerial gods, split into two levels, the Lower and Upper levels. Lower level gods tend to manage the aspects of life that are not noticeable on a daily basis, or are things the world can survive just fine without. This includes gods such as the God of Regeneration, Aelkan, the Goddess of Charisma, Elisse, the Goddess of Speed, Novex, etc. Upper level gods tend to be those of specific elements, such as the God of Death, Reaman, the God of Potential, Noxur, the God of Creation and Life, Scinn, etc.

A god's power is incomparable to anything but other gods. Even the strongest non-god creature cannot defeat a weak god. If willing to do so, gods are capable of causing absolute chaos; the God of Fire, Xir, for example, can burn down cities within a matter of seconds, or the God of Creation and Life, Scinn, can spawn hundreds of creatures instantaneously.

Lost Period Edit

As managerial gods were simply early humans who were given immortality and relatively limitless powers, most gods tend to go through a rebellious phase called the Lost Period. During a given god's Lost Period, it is typical to see said god test his or her limits by causing harm and destruction around the world for their own gain or purposes. The Lost Period is usually triggered relatively early on in a god's rule when a god realizes his power cannot be challenged any mortals, and therefore assume they are unstoppable.