Humans form the large majority of conscious intelligent beings of Aetheterra, with the other types of conscious beings being gods, dragons, and monsters. The large majority of people are regular human beings with no special powers whatsoever. A small percentage of people, however, are much more powerful thanks to being able to control magic, which most people with strong will-power can at least achieve small amounts of, being Talented, which only comes naturally and can be passed down genetically, or having a monster within.

8000 Years ago, before monsters roamed the world, and before high levels of magic were studied and achieved, natural talent ruled the world. Nobility, all bred with Talents, as otherwise would be disgraceful, would rule the world. As nobility has always had talent, although much less so in recent times, they were able to slowly form their own cities and nations where talentless, regular, people had to follow their commands. Ever since, the thousands of small nations that existed slowly died down in numbers as strong and large nations conquered them one by one. As the monsters were let loose, however, humans had to fight to keep their nations intact, and largely failed.

Despite of this, a human-beings will power was never diminished. Now, after all this time however, thanks to the large military power and remote yet nonetheless existent technological advancements, humans with talent or magic powers are more under control and do not have the power to rebel and create their own city-states. This lead to humans more bloody wars than ever before, for when you mix the will-power to win and a nation which has hundreds of the Talented, advanced magic users, and monstrosities in its armies, annihilation of one of the two sides of a battle, if not both, is often consequent.